If the job could talk, what would it say?

The TriMetrix™ System is an objective, easy to understand process for benchmarking any position within an organisation, providing a straight forward method of comparing a person or group of people to that benchmark.

TriMetrix™ encompasses four different assessment areas:

  • Personal Skills
  • Values, PIAV report and graph
  • Temperament report and graph
  • Emotional Intelligence

Trimetrix™ is able to define a role and then measures candidate attributes. These include:

Personal Skills  – What the person/job needs for superior performance, for example, self management, diplomacy and tact and resilience.

Behaviors – How the person/job should be done for superior performance, for example, a sense of urgency, being adaptable to frequent change and being critical in the analysis of data.

Motivators – Why the person will do the job, for example, because the person wants to be of service to others or because the person is motivated by practical accomplishment